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New Medical Device Shycocan Can Neutralise Coronavirus

Posted on 28th Jul 2020 in News

Bengaluru scientist claims new medical device shycocan can neutralize coronavirus and will be sent to the US for testing

Dr. Rajah Vijay Kumar said the device would not cure a Covd-19 patient, but claimed it could prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Its effectiveness is yet to be tested.


Best Juicer In India 2020

Posted on 28th Jul 2020 in Kitchen & Home Appliances

Starting the day with a glass of fresh juice is not only refreshing it is also nutritious, isn't it? However, it is not possible to get a glass of juice from the outside, every single day. This is where you would need a suitable juicer in your kitchen. With the use of this juicer, you can produce as many glasses of juice as you want and even at no extra cost.


Best Gas Stove In India 2020

Posted on 28th Jul 2020 in Kitchen & Home Appliances

Maybe you've seen gas stoves with one, two or three burners. If you are confused by which you will choose, evaluate your needs. A single burner stove is usually used by people who do not cook much. If you live alone in a flat or small room where only simple dishes are cooked, single burners are recommended.
Now, if you live with your family and spend most of your time in the kitchen because of your love of cooking, well, it's right to choose stoves with two or three burners. With these types of burners, you can cook two or three menus at once. This will help you save time and is more practical.

Buying Guide Kitchen Chimney in India

Posted on 25th Jul 2020 in Kitchen & Home Appliances

Indian cooking, while renowned for its aroma & taste also comes with greasy cabinets and kitchen tiles. This is because Indian cooking involves a lot of frying & grilling.

Kitchen chimneys are appliances that absorb smoke & fumes from the kitchen and keep the kitchen grease & smoke free.