Square Patio Cvr 75x75x30""

Square Patio Cvr 75x75x30
By Brand : Mr. Bar-B-Q
M.R.P : 13816
Price : 8184
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Product Description
The Eco-Cover is the next generation in outdoor protection.It is always 100-percent PVC free. Made of the highest grade fabrics engineered and tested for strength, durability, and protection from the elements. Specially designed to fit current trends and protect your property throughout the seasons. PVC has become a major environmental issue over the past several years due to the toxic chemicals used in it's manufacturing process. PVC is difficult to recycle and releases harmful contaminants when buried or incinerated. In the past most patio covers were made with PVC material and coatings, but now there's a better way...Eco-Cover by Backyard Basics
Product Features
  • Non-toxic, water-resistant protection for your outdoor furniture; fits square patio set
  • High-grade canvas-like material is PVC-free
  • Protects your property from dirt, dust, pollen, rain, and snow