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Hammock Bliss - Sky Baby Hammock - The Idea Solution For Putting Baby To Sleep - Use In The Crib Or On The Go

Product Description
Hammock Bliss Sky Baby Hammock is the idea solution for putting your baby to sleep. Babies have been living in their mother's womb for 9 months and being in a hammock mimics the only experience they have ever known. Laying in their Sky Baby hammock your infant will feel safe, secure and snuggled just as they were in the womb. The gentle rocking motion of in the hammock puts baby to sleep which will make mommy and daddy happy as well. The amazing thing about the Sky Baby hammock is that is the perfect size to hang inside a crib. Using the rope provided on each end of the hammock, the Sky Baby can be attached to most any crib so your baby is relaxing just above the normal sleeping area. You can also attach the Sky Baby to many portable cribs which is ideal when you are away from home. Sky Baby is constructed of two layers of nylon parachute material - one side is sky blue and other side is lavender. This material is silky soft, breathable, easy to wash and quick drying. You can wash it in the machine with other clothes and the more you wash it the softer it gets. Sky Baby comes complete with 80" / 200 cm per side of insanely strong 6mm climbing rope to make it a breeze to hang your baby hammock in the crib or on the go. Works great with many portable cots as well. The Sky Baby comes with separate elastic closure storage bag - just stuff the Sky Baby in its pouch and away you go. Sky Baby is 27.5" x 50" long / 70 cm x 127 cm. It is the perfect size - not too big and not too small - just right for baby. The hammock is strength tested to 100 lbs / 45 kilos and weighs only 8 oz / 227 grams. Nap in Bliss with Sky Baby - the idea way for putting baby to sleep. Note - Do not hang more than 3" / 7cm above the ground or leave a child unattended in the hammock.
Product Features
  • THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR PUTTING BABY TO SLEEP - Hang Sky Baby hammock inside a crib or on the go - PLEASE CHECK OUT THE NEW SKY BABY 2 HAMMOCK - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BK1L2DS
  • READY FOR NAPPING - Just Right Size Big Enough For Baby To Move Around But Not Too Large - Baby Can Lay Either Long Way Or Across The Sky Baby Hammock - Rocking Motion Helps Baby Fall Asleep
  • DOUBLE LAYERS - DOUBLE COLORS - Sky Baby Constructed Of Two Layers Of Soft, Strong, Breathable And Cozy Nylon Parachute Material - One Side Is Lavender And The Other Side Is Sky Blue