Best Ceiling Fan In India

Everyone needs a fan, whether it’s a column fan or a ceiling fan. As we know, the ceiling fan is one of the most common home appliances you’ll see in the list. But not everyone pays much attention to making the right purchase. You should always see how much electricity the fan consumes, what kind of blade it has, and much more, rather than running after any specific make or appearance.

Top 10 Best Ceiling Fan in India 2019

  1. Usha E Series EX9 Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades
  2. Havells Yorker 1320mm Ceiling Fan With 4 Blades
  3. Orient Electric Aero Series 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  4. Crompton Avancer 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades
  5. Panasonic 12XAA 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades
  6. Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan
  7. SUPERFAN Super A1 Ceiling Fan
  8. Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3-Blades
  9. Orient Electric Orina 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades
  10. Crompton Aura Premium 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades

Usha E Series EX9 Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades

Usha fans are known for the quality they are offering over the years, and this is the only reason why Usha is driving this particular category of home appliances from the front. Their recent flagship E-series received the expected response from customers.

This Us9 series E ceiling fan of the EX9 with 3 blades offers great service that is relatively more advanced than its competitors. It also offers 3 attractive colors to choose from. It has an amazing torque motor and an aerodynamic design that offers the maximum amount of air for maximum comfort.

Even after charging with such power, the manufacturers of this fan designed it to run smoothly without creating annoying noises compared to several other models. This flagship model from Usha offers a much improved air with the help of its high quality motor that is scalable up to 240 cubes per minute.

There are many ceiling fans that are priced higher than this model, even after reaching an average speed of only 210-220 cc. So, considering the overall details of Usha E’s EX9 series ceiling fan with three blades, it’s coming out as a clear choice available in the current market.

Best Features

  • Aerodynamic design
  • High torque motor
  • Noise-free operation

Havells Yorker 1320mm Ceiling Fan With 4 Blades

Havells is another prestigious brand that you will see on the market. The brand’s reputation attracts many customers for different types of electronic products. In our list of the best ceiling fans, the Havells Yorker 1320mm ceiling fan with 4 blades is positioned just below the highest point.

This fan is slightly different from the regular design of a 3-blade fan with the extra blade it has. As the number of the blade increases, more airflow can be expected from the last Havells model. This ceiling fan comes with 3 different colors to choose from.

Moving towards the main actors of the fan, it comes with the electrophoretic lacquered surface that fights against rust which makes it a long-lasting fan. Furthermore, the electrophoretic lacquered technology does not allow the dust to remain on the fan which maintains the wonderful appearance of the model.

It also comes with a double ball bearing that helps the engine run without much noise. The fan is classified in a higher price category, for this reason we also get a powerful motor that has a speed of 310 rotations per minute.

Best Features

  • Electro-phoretic lacquered surface
  • Four blades for wider airflow
  • Noise-free motor
  • 2 years warranty

Orient Electric Aero Series 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Orient is another big name known for ceiling fans. With the promises that this fan is making, it is in 3rd place of the most important ceiling fans in the current market. This fan has an attractive appearance that can complete the interior of your seat. It comes with an advanced aerodynamic blade that works perfectly to provide excellent airflow.

The company also states that the fan is equipped with 100% rustproof blades that ensure the maintenance of the fan’s aesthetics. The Orient Electric Aero Series fan comes with the heavy-duty 18-pole motor, which can be expected to deliver powerful performance. It also has a double ball bearing that allows the fan to rotate in a much easier way for a noise-free airflow.

Considering further the physical aspect, the fan with its exclusive sinuous blades and a superior quality finish on the blades looks absolutely beautiful. The other key fan factor is the decorative steel edge on the top, which puts a cherry on top in terms of premium appearance.

Looking at the cost, it is a bit too expensive as you can also get similar specifications at a cheaper price. However, those looking for a powerful performance with good physical appearance can make it.

Best Features

  • Aerodynamic blades
  • 18-pole motor
  • Noise-free operation
  • 2 years warranty

Crompton Avancer 1200mm High Speed Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades

Here is another beautiful product that you can consider to compliment your interiors. Crompton Advancer has received a great response in the market for the amount of unique design and powerful performance it provides. The three large blades with a combination of solid specifications ensure that buyers can get the maximum comfort.

Exploring the options available, the fan is available in 4 beautiful colors. The unique fact of this ceiling fan is the size of the blades which measures 1200 mm. These larger, aerodynamically designed blades cover a larger area of ​​the room to offer the extended range of airflow compared to the other many models with a similar price.

In addition to the artistic aspect of the fan, it also has a speed of 370 rpm with an air flow of 230 cc. Just like many other models in the current market, it is also equipped with double ball bearings for a much more uniform performance altogether.

Again, this ceiling fan has almost everything that makes it the list of the best fans, and with the widest choice of colors, interior design enthusiasts can easily opt for the perfect option available for their place.

Best Features

  • 48 inches blade size
  • 370RPM speed motor
  • Double ball bearing
  • 2 years warranty

Panasonic 12XAA 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades

Panasonic is a relatively less well-known brand in India when it comes to manufacturing ceiling fans. But it does not prevent Panasonic from making ceiling fans with all the latest techniques. Understanding the problem of heating problems during the summer in India, the manufacturers of this fan paid more attention to the specifications.

The 12XAA 1200mm Panasonic ceiling fan has a healthy number of specifications under the hood. The model is available in three attractive color segments such as silver and white, blue and silver and walnut gold. It also comes with safety cables for general protection.

Advancing towards the in-depth specifications, the fan is supplied with a large air delivery power of about 260cmm and a good rotation speed of 390RPM. These ceiling fans also show a high degree of metallic colors that give the interiors a rich appearance.

The 1200 mm fan blades combined with the powerful motor ensure that there is no shortage of comfort. With such a package of specifications, you will also receive a 2-year long warranty so that you can rest easy without worrying about manufacturing defects or any other technical problems in the ceiling fan.

Best Features

  • 260cmm airflow
  • Safety wire for fan protection
  • Long lasting metal finish
  • Wide blades
  • 2 years warranty

Crompton Uranus 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Here is another Crompton masterpiece. Maintaining the economic fact and the requirement of an economic source of heating solutions in India, Crompton has launched this splendid looking ceiling fan. This beautifully designed ceiling fan not only improves the room temperature, but also gives a surprisingly elegant look to your interior.

Along with the attractive physical appearance, the creators of the 1200mm ceiling fan from Crompton Uranus also focused on high-end specifications to make it a perfect combination

for buyers. It is well designed to work on easily adjustable speed levels so you can have a perfect time in any weather.

In addition to this, it comes with 4 long 1200 mm blades which gives a calming airflow. This beautiful ceiling fan is available in 2 different color combinations, black and ivory, with an excellent golden design on all blades and lampshades.

With a deeper view of the specifications, it provides a speed of 320 RPM with a minimum air power of 200cmm. It also comes with a 2-year warranty, which is still a positive factor to keep the entire package protected over the period without worrying about maintenance costs.

Best Features

  • Premium looks
  • 4 blades with 3 lampshades
  • 320RPM speed motor
  • 200cmm airflow
  • 2 years warranty

SUPERFAN Super A1 Ceiling Fan

Here is a different name with many different skills. Manufacturers of SUPERFAN Super A1 ceiling fans say that the ceiling fan can save more than 56% of energy and, therefore, can provide a serious savings on the electricity bill.

It comes with a remote control that adds more charm to its uniqueness. The remote control also eliminates the requirement of the regulator from the switchboard that saves space for an additional switch. Comes with die-cast aluminum body, sensorless design, LED indicators for remote operations. Manufacturers also claim that buyers will also have four hours of fan operation with the inverter.

Now moving towards the specifications, it comes with a speed of 350 RPM with an air flow rate of 220cmm. It has 3 blades 1200mm which provide a decent airflow. The fan can be installed in any type of location, such as classrooms, hospitals, homes and many other similar places.

The factor on this fan is the amount of warranty period that can be obtained. The entire package comes with a 5 year long warranty, which means you can consider it for a long term heating solution at a reasonable price.

Best Features

  • Low power consumption
  • 350RPM speed motor
  • Remote controller
  • 5 years warranty

Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3-Blades

Formerly known as Orient Electrical, Orient Electric is another old name in the consumer electronics industry. Many years have passed since the brand launched some of the best ceiling fan models to meet consumer needs. They are back in business with the recent version of Orient Electric Wendy 1200mm 3-blade ceiling fan.

The fan offers almost everything that is required by the consumer and corresponds to the current trend of offering the best possible overall performance. The manufacturers of the ceiling fan have paid good attention to the aesthetics of the design and the physical appearance to adapt to the standards.

It is available in four different variants that offer a good variety to choose from. Moving towards the specification section, the fan comes with the lacquer finish with metallic coating all over the body. It has blades up to 1200mm long, 320RPM speed, with a delivery speed of 230cmm.

The copper engine mounted in the model ensures a less noisy experience with a good amount of air flow. This ceiling fan by Orient Electric is almost a perfect example of how to create an attractive design with power, thus attracting a lot of attention from the buyers.

Best Features

  • Lacquer finish
  • Metallic quoting all over the body
  • 48 inches blade size
  • 230cmm airflow
  • 320RPM speed motor

Orient Electric Orina 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades

Another excellent production of Orient Electric is the Orina 1200mm ceiling fan with 3 blades. Orient Electric has again given good attention to power. Along with the attractive strength, it also comes with the elegant physical appearance that can be a perfect add-on in your home decor such places.

This ceiling fan is available in four different color combinations and therefore you can choose according to your needs. But as we all know, only good looks cannot provide complete performance. Therefore, having a strong grip on the specifications is more important and this ceiling fan does not disappoint in this either.

This Orient Electric fan is equipped with 1200 mm blades and, since more power is always a good option to complete the blades perfectly, the manufacturers of this fan ensure a decent speed of 320 RPM. It also offers a greater amount of airflow which results in a good combination of elegant looking blades, powerful engine and good air circulation, which makes it still a good option for buyers.

Overall, if we consider the three-layer roofing it provides, along with an attractive construction quality and other specifications, there is no justification needed to show why it is a ceiling fan.

Best Features

  • 48 inches blade size
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Silent operation
  • 320RPM speed motor

Crompton Aura Premium 1200mm Ceiling Fan With 3 Blades

Recently, Crompton has produced another ceiling fan that focuses more on product durability. Although the product does not have those great looks of those that anyone could look at in this price segment, the elegant build quality of the fan shows that simplicity can still win any battle.

The new Crompton model, the 1200mm Aura Premium ceiling fan with 3 blades, seemed a solid release before it hit the market and it seems to have already achieved a solid position in the commercial market.

This Crompton ceiling fan is all about the sober looks with much more power under the hood for a longer ride. The fan is available in a wide range of options available offering 5 different vibrant color schemes from which you can easily choose one.

Now, let’s check the fan specifications, it comes with a great rotation speed of 370 rpm. The fan also offers a speed higher than the air flow of up to 230Cmm, so the combination of engine speed and airflow power offers exceptional performance.

So if you’re looking for a simple-looking fan to match the simplicity of your interior, then no doubt consider it this.

Best Features

  • 48 inches blade size
  • Elegant and aerodynamic design
  • Double ball bearing
  • 380RPM speed motor
  • 230cmm airflow
  • 2 years warranty

How to choose a perfect ceiling fan in India

Here are the 8 points to select the best ceiling fan for home and office

1. Understanding the size of a room can help you decide between the best ceiling fans suitable for your home. As you explore the market, you will find that there are many ceiling fans that generally fall into the category of 2, 3, 4 and 5 blades.

2. Keeping in mind the size of your room, you can go for any of them.

3. Nowadays, there are many ceiling fan models that provide a unique style statement to match different interior themes of a place. But the physical aspect is not the only key, there are many more different elements that you have to look at before choosing the right fan.

4. The best fans consume less energy and are designed in such a way that they never manage to deliver the expected performance. In India, you will see manufacturers of different ceiling fans that promote their fans with a similar approach, but you have to keep the points mentioned above in mind to find the best combination of style and performance.

5. Another key factor to keep in mind before choosing a ceiling fan is the air flow. Air flow is the amount of air that comes from the ceiling fans and is measured in the form of cubic feet per minute. The best fan quality offers an airflow of over 6000 CFM and is the best way to judge the quality of a ceiling fan.

6. There are many fans who see a smaller amount of airflow, like 4000-5000, which can also be considered if you are looking for an inexpensive fan with above-average performance. The air flow plays a key role in making you feel comfortable by lowering the room temperature. Therefore, always make sure to check this particular specification before investing your money.

7. Now, moving towards energy consumption, as already mentioned, the best quality comes from the lower energy consumption with a much better delivery of performance. The most efficient fans are able to consume a much lower amount of energy which saves some extra money on the electricity bill.

8. Never lose the stars with which it is labeled. With the highest number of stars mentioned in the specifications, you will easily understand that it will consume less electricity. There are also many fans equipped with pre-installed lights, which consume more energy than the actual product. Therefore it is advisable to decide accordingly.

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