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FROST FIZZ Plastic Auto Defroster for Single Door Refrigerator (White)

FROST FIZZ Plastic Auto Defroster for Single Door Refrigerator (White)
M.R.P : 990
Price : 500
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Product Description
Frost Fizz is an auto defroster which makes your single door refrigerator "Frost Free". It is an easy to use external device. Frost Fizz automatically switches off your refrigerator for 2 hours every day. Thus it prevents the excess frost formation; saves you from the efforts of manual defrosting, cleaning and makes your refrigerator run efficiently. Regular defrosting helps you save energy and keeps your fruits, vegetables fresh. Frost fizz is compatible with all the makes (old or new) of refrigerators. It is easy to use, zero maintenance device. So why frost fizz- 1. Saves time and efforts-Frost Fizz saves considerable amount time and cumbersome efforts required for manual defrosting that was followed by cleaning of the refrigerator. It improves your overall kitchen efficiency. Hence It is very helpful for working women, house wives and senior citizens. Now they can spend their valuable time for other more productive activities. 2. Refrigerator Efficiency-Frost accumulated in the freezer compartment does not allow cooling in the lower part of the refrigerator. It increases load on compressor and it runs for longer amount of time. Frost Fizz does not let frost accumulate hence reducing compressor running time and electricity consumption. It improves your refrigerators efficiency and operational life. 3. Frost Fizz keep vegetables and fruits fresher as absence of frost improves the cool air flow. 4. Easy to use. No wiring or complex installation required. Also Frost Fizz is maintenance free. 5. New innovation; A made in India product from a reputed American MNC. So quality and performance guaranteed.
Product Features
  • For the first time use, pls manually defrost the refrigerator and take out all the water before using frost fizz
  • Frost Fizz has inbuilt 3 pin plug and socket. Put Frost Fizz inside your electrical socket. Put your refrigerator plug inside the socket of the product
  • Set the timer e. g. If you are installing the device 10 pm in the night keep the timer pointer 10 pm on the dial of the product